Тонколоните QSB с най-висока оценка 5, от сп. What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision!

В 5-звездното си ревю, специалистите на What Hi-Fi Sound and Vision определят desktop тонколонките QSB като "Компактни, интелигентно конструирани, с обемен и детаилен звук, при това без батерии и захранващи кабели!"
Цена на комплекта: 198,00 лв. с ДДС

Ето и ревюто:

SoundScience QSB| USB desktop
Big sound from a tiny package

There’s a boom in speakers designed to improve on the units in most laptops, but while the neatest answer is to connect them via USB, there is one problem: power. The solution adopted by SoundScience for the QSB desktop speakers is the DyadUSB package from NXT (or HiWave as the company has just rebranded itself). It combines efficient flat balanced-moderadiator drivers with an amp able to deliver up to 15W on USB power.

Reet petite and reet good sounding, too It’s a neat package: the speakers themselves are around 8.5cm on each side, have metal grilles and come in a rubberised case complete with both USB and interconnecting cables.
And it works really well. The sound won’t fill huge rooms, but for desk-based listening it’s clean, well-weighted and open, with excellent stereo imaging and focus (if sometimes bright at the top end). We played everything from rock to the Radio 3 320kbps stream, and every time we came up smiling. These are ideal travel speakers – our pair has already been halfway round the world – and we reckon they’ll be a hit with students, or anyone wanting a second room solution.

FOR: Excellent sound for their size;
neat design; portable; inexpensive

AGAINST: Not for big rooms;
treble can get bright

VERDICТ: Compact, clever and with a big, detailed sound, all without batteries or a mains adaptor

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